MRI results day

on Friday, 21 October 2011.

Laura had an MRI scan on tuesday, this scan was taken 6 weeks since the last scan (which was reported stable i.e no change in size)...

We were in for a big shock this time around!  We werent expecting things to be worse because Laura has felt really good in herself these past few weeks, we opened the report in anticipation.... the tumour has now shrunk in size!

Laura's brain tumour is made up of three cystic areas - one large and two small cysts - one of these cysts has completely "resolved" (dissapeared!).  The other two that are still left are slightly smaller than they were six weeks ago.

The tumour is also "enhancing" less - as an explanation - the white ring around Laura's tumour determines how active/agressive it is, so a strong thick white ring is bad news compared to a weak, broken, thin less bright ring around the tumour (which it now also has!)

All of these things are AMAZING news, we are so happy at this positive result!  It has given us all such a boost after such a long hard year, finally the tables seem to be starting to turn in Laura's battle!  Just in time for Laura's birthday in a few weeks - what an amazing birthday present!

Now the plan is for Laura to continue as normal and keep on with taking her antineoplaston medicine every day, she will have another scan in November so we can keep a regular track of what is going on.

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  • peter and Liz Barton
    22 October 2011 am31 10:50 |

    This is remarkable news guys. You are not alone in hoping to find a cure for this intractable tumour Feel the love

  • Clare McHugh
    23 October 2011 pm31 18:25 |

    WOW that is the most amazing news. Keep fighting Laura, you can beat this thing.

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  • Linda Lyons-Bailey

    08. March, 2012 |

    We keep getting hits from this site! Which is awfully kind of you guys. Bob and I hope Laura is still doing well, and here is an...

  • Magnus

    23. February, 2012 |

    Congratulations to you all it is very nice to follow you progress and 77% is awesome. I hope the success continues.

  • Javin

    02. February, 2012 |

    Tell the people who are talking in "Laura's Best Interest" to go to the US patent office website, and look up the 11 patents that the FDA...

  • Linda Lyons-Bailey

    12. January, 2012 |

    We are on the Temodar/radiation roller coaster ride. Glad to hear things are going so well!!! Maybe if we get a breather here we might...

  • Brian Carnell

    12. January, 2012 |

    :o) fantastic

  • Marian Reader

    21. December, 2011 |

    So pleased to hear that, at last, someone has the decency to acknowledge that maybe, just maybe, there's something in Dr. Burzynski's...

  • Brian Carnell

    09. December, 2011 |

    always great to see your updates and that everything is moving along so promisingly. all the best for your coming Christmas :o)

  • maureen

    08. December, 2011 |

    Hi, my daughter is suffering a similar tumor type and recently started on the Burzynski
    treatment. We returned from Texas three weeks...

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