MRI Scan Day!

on Wednesday, 30 November 2011.

...a well earned rest! 

Well Tuesday 29th November was the day of Laura's MRI scan.  As part of the clinical trial protocol Laura needs to have regular scans every 4-6 weeks so we can keep a very close eye on what is happening up there!

We'd been really anxious about this next scan, even though the last scan was very positive and showed the tumour had started to shrink and break down, that doesn’t take away all the worry in the lead up to the scan D-day....

The day went without problems, we dropped off Jacob at nursery then headed off to the private MRI unit at the local hospital, Laura was nervous but as always extremely brave (if you've ever had an MRI scan it isn’t the most pleasant experience, stuck laying in a small tube for 30 minutes) a while later we walked out a few hundred pound lighter in the wallet with 2 CD's containing MRI scan images in our hands.  One copy for our records at home and one to send by Fedex to the Burzynski Clinic in Houston.

Today this scan was compared against the last one six weeks ago and any changes in the tumour were detected, it was also measured to see if it has grown or shrunk since six weeks ago.

I'll cut to the chase....  We got a call and an email from the clinic tonight and here is the AMAZING RESULT:

Left frontal lobe mass             1.9cm x 1.7cm = 3.23cm (36% decrease in tumour since previous scan 6 weeks ago)

IMPRESSION:  There is significant decrease in the size of the peripherally enhancing, cystic mass in the left frontal lobe with improvement in the intensity of enhancement noted as well.

The local hospital radiographer also writes a report, but this won’t arrive until next week because he is on holiday, so although there is a long wait in store for the second opinion at least we get two opinions from two independent radiographers.

We are so pleased with this news, it is especially important as it has come at a time where a small minority of internet bloggers are trying to discredit the amazing work of Dr Burzynski and his medical team and at the same time hamper the fund raising efforts of not just Laura but a number of other patients from the UK who have decided to pursue the same treatment, some of them young children who like Laura have advanced aggressive Brain cancer and have been clearly told by their doctor that there are no other treatment options available for them.

We are very disgusted by the actions of these people, and would ask them to please respect Laura and our family at this difficult time in our lives and also respect the very personal decision we have made to pursue this treatment.  Laura has a right to choose to join this clinical trial, since beginning fund raising we have always been open and honest about where she was planning on being treated and we are extremely happy with our experience to date. 

We are fully aware of the controversy surrounding the clinic; pioneering new treatments inevitably attract controversy.  If it works for her (and many others) ..then we should embrace it in a positive way and see if it can help even more people?

The clinic is currently conducting clinical trials approved by the FDA, which is the Government agency responsible for approving all medical treatments in the USA.  They have Eleven (11) Phase II approved clinical trials using antineoplastons for various forms of Brain tumours, based on positive results of these trials, the FDA have granted permission to undertake Phase III clinical trials

Please everyone send Laura positive energy and thoughts for continued success!

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  • Gaute Gunnarskog
    30 November 2011 pm30 22:43 |

    Great news, congrat to all of you!
    I know all about the anxiety with MRI's, its terrible.
    Best wishes from Norway

  • Eric Merola
    01 December 2011 am31 08:01 |

    XO Laura - ;)

  • Sara
    01 December 2011 pm31 13:31 |

    Fantastic news - well done all of you. I am currently fighting metastasised breast cancer, which is not covered by the Burzynski trials, but am doing well with hyperthermia, ozone, diet & targeted supplements. I know how hard it is for everyone concerned to keep positive, but the results speak for themselves. Laura - don't forget to tell your body how much you love it and how fabulous it is for working so hard. Your cells will use this love energy to help them to heal!! Well done & keep up this amazing work!! All love and biggest hugs, Sara

  • Ben
    01 December 2011 pm31 21:55 |

    Excellent! It's good to hear she is still improving, hopefully it will all be gone soon.

  • Sue
    02 December 2011 pm31 20:24 |

    Way to go, keep positive! There are so many ways to treat cancer these days, naturally that I commend you for doing what you feel is right for you! Awesome results. What a beautiful family Christmas present!

  • Jan
    03 December 2011 am31 11:49 |

    There's something special inside all of us.
    Never underestimate what it is inside you that makes you special. Believe in Yourself Laura

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  • Linda Lyons-Bailey

    08. March, 2012 |

    We keep getting hits from this site! Which is awfully kind of you guys. Bob and I hope Laura is still doing well, and here is an...

  • Magnus

    23. February, 2012 |

    Congratulations to you all it is very nice to follow you progress and 77% is awesome. I hope the success continues.

  • Javin

    02. February, 2012 |

    Tell the people who are talking in "Laura's Best Interest" to go to the US patent office website, and look up the 11 patents that the FDA...

  • Linda Lyons-Bailey

    12. January, 2012 |

    We are on the Temodar/radiation roller coaster ride. Glad to hear things are going so well!!! Maybe if we get a breather here we might...

  • Brian Carnell

    12. January, 2012 |

    :o) fantastic

  • Marian Reader

    21. December, 2011 |

    So pleased to hear that, at last, someone has the decency to acknowledge that maybe, just maybe, there's something in Dr. Burzynski's...

  • Brian Carnell

    09. December, 2011 |

    always great to see your updates and that everything is moving along so promisingly. all the best for your coming Christmas :o)

  • maureen

    08. December, 2011 |

    Hi, my daughter is suffering a similar tumor type and recently started on the Burzynski
    treatment. We returned from Texas three weeks...

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